Why PV Systems

Advantages of a PV / Solar system

Sustainability contribution


All depends on the application of the PV-System. In general, we can say that a PV-system in residential application utilizing the net meetering mechanism offered in Egypt is feasibile. Normally a payback time for the invest is around 7 years, even not considering any increase of electricity prices. The lifetime of a PV system is usually 25 years.

If your system will be connected to the power grid, then usually there is no need for batteries. Batteries are relatively expensive and should only be used if absolutely required.

PV-Systems are relatively maintenance free. The panels need to be cleaned of dust and sand though. This ensures that the light of the sun reaches the PV-cells of the panels. As a general rule the panels should be cleaned every 10-14 days.

PV-systems are safe, as long as layouted well and the components meet the quality requirements. German Solar integrates only highest quality products of renown German brands. All made in Germany!

German Solar is the official sales, distribution and service office in Egypt for our partners. German Solar is your first line of service and is able to handel service requests locally. We are in constant contant with our partners in Germany; through our offices in Hamburg and Cairo.

Use our free solar calculator to calculate a prediction of your potential electricity yield and your potential payback period.